The following downloads provide a detailed overview on how Fabry disease affects the body, and how the disease can be managed.

Print Materials

Know Fabry Disease (PDF)

Fabry Disease & Children (PDF)

Fabry Disease in Women (PDF)

Patient Identification Sheet (PDF)

Nephrologists' Disease Sheet (PDF)
Provides important information for nephrologists on the possible signs of Fabry disease.

Quick Reference for Nephrologists (PDF)

Cardiologists' Disease Sheet (PDF)
Gives cardiologists a detailed overview of how Fabry disease may affect the heart.

Eye Care Professionals' Disease Sheet (PDF)
Contains images of corneal whirling, and other important information for eye care professionals.

Ocular Manifestations of Lysosomal Storage Disorders Chart (PDF)

Dermatologists' Disease Sheet (PDF)
Provides images of angiokeratomas and information on other possible signs of Fabry disease.

Neurologists' Disease Sheet (PDF)
Provides a detailed overview of the neurological affects of Fabry disease.

Fabry Disease: A Quick Reference for Neurologists (PDF)

Could it be Fabry Disease? (PDF)