Expression of Hope

Help raise awareness of Fabry disease by sending an e-card to a family member or friend. Each card features artwork created by someone with Fabry disease or a caregiver.

The Expression of Hope program (View EOH website) was created as a means to generate awareness and understanding of the incredible strength and courage of the thousands of people worldwide living with lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs). People with Fabry disease and their caregivers have submitted artwork which shares their feelings of hope and explores the realities, perceptions, and experiences of living with an LSD.

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Title: Untitled

Artist: Miriam Stoerchli

Artist Statement: I am 24 years old and work as an office clerk for an insurance company. If time allows, I like to paint to find a balance. When I paint I can forget about everything and find rest. The sun represents life and pushes away darkness. There is good and bad in life. Joy and sorrow. Darkness represents the depressing elements in life and light represents hope.

Title: Untitled

Artist: Jean-Marc Kobel

Artist Statement: Through this painting I am trying to express the periods of pain and crisis with Fabry. The pain of my childhood, the pain of adolescence and the pain of adulthood. All these moments point in one single direction, which is where there is hope, where there is light, where there is happiness and hope for a better life of joy and plenitude.

Title: Untitled

Artist: Denise Helfenberger

Artist Statement: Children of different cultures may carry Fabry. Whether you hide from the illness (child left and right) or show it, is up to each person. In any case, one must accept and bear its weight; otherwise, one tires quickly. The cooling water helps alleviate the pain. There are always solutions. However, if you consider yourself very ill, you will feel even more ill and age fast (top and bottom of page).

Title: Rainbow

Artist: Jia-Huei

Artist Statement: Blue sky, beautiful clouds, a rainbow, green trees, and flowers. All these beautiful things will enter your eyes as long as you have a happy heart.