Tracing Fabry Disease in Your Family

The importance of understanding your family history

The most significant clue to a diagnosis of Fabry disease is often whether another person in your family has Fabry disease. Put another way, once there is a diagnosis of Fabry disease in your family, there is a high likelihood of finding the disease in relatives, not just in your generation, but in previous and subsequent generations as well. A genetic counselor can help you and your family determine who should be tested. The earlier Fabry disease is diagnosed, the sooner doctors can begin monitoring and treating the associated symptoms.

A medical family tree can be a valuable tool to help you understand how Fabry disease has affected relatives, both living and deceased, as well as how Fabry disease may affect generations to come.

Download: Medical Family Tree

In this family tree, you can fill out health information about yourself, your immediate and extended family, and family members from past generations. It is recommended that you seek the assistance of a healthcare provider or medical genetic counselor to complete this historical account.

Understanding Fabry Disease & Medical Family Tree Chart (PDF, English)